In recent years, social media platforms have become essential for politicians to reach out to their supporters and increase their followers. However, with the rise of TikTok, politicians are now exploring this new app to communicate with and engage with Gen Z voters.

TikTok’s popularity among younger generations has made it an effective tool for politicians, Democrats, and Republicans to create content, showcase their personalities, and connect with younger audiences.

We’ll explore how politicians use TikTok to reach Gen Z and how they make their content stand out.

What are the politicians using TikTok to reach Gen Z audiences?

The political world is using all kinds of social media channels to connect with audiences. TikTok has gained immense popularity among teenagers and millennials, who comprise many of the Gen Z population.

Politicians are now using this social media app to reach and connect with the Gen Z audience. But what content are they posting, and how are they using this app to their benefit? Let’s explore this in more detail.

Understanding How Politicians are Winning Over Gen Z through TikTok

2020 has been a year of unprecedented events, but it is especially crucial for politicians gearing toward elections. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the campaign strategies applied by politicians, and the new normal has seen an increase in online campaigns.

Different from the past, Gen Z (individuals born between 1997 and 2012) are making it difficult for politicians to use traditional tactics to win over their votes.

However, TikTok is a powerful tool that politicians are using to spread their political message. We’ll examine how TikTok has revolutionized political campaigns and why politicians are finding it a suitable social media platform to reach Gen Z.

The Growing Trend of Politicians Using TikTok to Reach Gen Z Audience

2020 was an unprecedented year in many ways, not the least of which was the presidential election.

With social distancing measures in place and traditional campaign events canceled, politicians had to pivot and find new ways to interact with their constituents, especially the younger generation known as Gen Z. Enter TikTok.

This video-sharing app has taken the world by storm and has quickly become a hot platform for politicians to connect with and engage younger voters. We will explore why politicians use TikTok to reach Gen Z and how it has helped them in their campaigns.

Best Practices for Politicians are Using TikTok to Reach Gen Z Audience

Opportunity to Reach the Younger Demographics

TikTok is a go-to platform for younger demographics. Therefore, it only makes sense that politicians use it to help capture the attention of younger voters.

The platform has a fun, laid-back environment that seemed unlikely for political campaigns until now. Some politicians have taken different approaches, uploading funny videos dancing to popular culture songs, while others use the app to spread their political messages to a vast audience.

Democratization of Campaign Messaging

Political campaigns have always harbored traditional changes, and it’s common knowledge that the most well-funded are often the most successful.

But with a platform like TikTok, that notion couldn’t be further from the truth. TikTok offers a democratized platform where politicians can capture the attention of millions of individuals in a matter of hours.

A perfect example of this success story is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who leveraged an upload to TikTok to reach some 1.5 million Gen Z voters less than a month after the election.

Improving Accessibility of Political Content

The younger demographics have always been hard to reach through traditional forms of media, but TikTok offers politicians an exciting opportunity.

It delivers political content in a much more exciting and engaging way. With the vast amount of content available through the platform, politicians can create engaging and meaningful content that resonates with people in ways never thought before.

Instantaneous Feedback and Campaign Strategies

The last few years have witnessed the rise of influencers. These individuals command a significant following that promises to listen to opinions and participate in actions that the influencer endorses.

Politicians can use this trend to reach millions of individuals at once. It offers insight into how the younger generation feels about various issues, which is particularly important if there are upcoming elections.

In doing so, they can adapt campaign strategies to resonate better with their voter base, influence, connect with influencers with aligned views and positions, and target ads more effectively.

Increasingly Transparent Campaigning

TikTok offers politicians an invaluable opportunity to develop transparency and depict a human side that they might typically project on traditional platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

On TikTok, politicians can share their hobbies, offer ideas for entertainment, and even casually chat with followers. This intimacy can connect the politician and their base, benefiting the campaign.

Types of Politicians are Using TikTok to Reach Gen Z Audience

Creative Campaigning

Politicians on TikTok are making waves with their innovative campaigning ideas. The platform encourages short-form videos with musical backgrounds and innovative editing features, making it ideal for politicians to showcase their campaign speeches, legislative achievements, and political views.

For example, in the lead-up to the 2020 presidential elections, Biden’s campaign team used TikTok to create a personalized face filter that allows users to virtually “wear” the famous “Joe” sunglasses. The campaign also leveraged the app to showcase the candidate’s personality more personally.

Relatable Stunts

TikTok users love being entertained with relatable stunts, and politicians have been doing just that. During the Election season, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, commonly known as AOC, posted a video of herself dancing to a recently viral song on TikTok.

By adding text over the video, she encouraged viewers to vote early, which went viral and sparked worldwide discussions. The video captured her personality and allowed younger voters to see her fun side.

Humor and Creativity

Humor and creativity go a long way in engaging with younger voters. Politicians on TikTok deliberately create funny and humorous videos that break down complex political issues into entertaining, engaging, and fun content.

For example, U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer has poked fun at his hairstyle habits while advocating for mask-wearing during the pandemic. Such creative ways are being used to appeal to younger voters who prefer their leaders to be relatable.

Rallies and Events

TikTok is not just an app for politicians to create content; it has also been used to promote rallies, attend events, and highlight significant legislative moments.

For instance, during the Black Lives Matter protests, protesters used TikTok to alert activists about gatherings and share event footage with online communities.

Politicians have been included, and instead, they are using the platform to create content around significant events, share behind-the-scenes footage, and interact positively with viewers.

Highlighting Legislative Achievements

Politicians on TikTok now share significant legislative moments, such as passed bills and brief explanations for what they mean to the young audience.

The platforms’ short-form content format has made it easier to break down complex concepts and explain what’s happening in Congress. For example, AOC has used TikTok to explain the Electoral College, the basics of Climate Change, and The Green New Deal to her followers.


Politicians are tapping into the enormous potential of TikTok to reach younger voters where they are. In a world where social media has become increasingly essential in politics, they use it innovatively to communicate their message and engage Gen Z audiences.

While the platform has its drawbacks, such as misinformation and a lack of fact-checking, politicians have found unique content ways to inform, entertain, and engage their followers on it.

With TikTok’s popularity rising, we can expect politicians to explore new ways of reaching their constituents on this platform. As politics moves into the digital era, politicians are setting new standards using different tools, such as TikTok, to engage younger audiences.

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