Impersonating another person’s identity is not only wrong but also illegal. It’s essential to report accounts impersonating public figures such as politicians.

We will discuss writing a Twitter account to copy a politician. It’s also helpful to look at when the account was created—if it’s a brand new account that has just appeared out of nowhere, there’s a good chance it might be an impostor.

Another telltale sign is if the person behind the report does not follow other politicians or political figures.

What is a Politician Impersonation Account on Twitter?

With the rise of social media, politicians have become more accessible to their constituents than ever before. However, with this newfound access comes a downside: the potential for impersonation accounts on Twitter.

These accounts often use similar usernames, profile pictures, and bios to appear as though they are run by the politician they are mimicking. We’ll discuss these impersonation accounts and how to spot them.

How to Report a Politician Impersonator on Twitter

Political impersonation is a growing problem on social media. Impostors create accounts that look like official ones belonging to politicians and use them to spread false information or to attack the politicians they are impersonating maliciously.

If you come across a fake account pretending to be a politician, here’s what you should do. Once you have determined that the version is an impostor, you can report it directly to Twitter.

You can do so by going to your Twitter profile’s settings menu and selecting “Report”> “It’s abusive or harmful”> “Impersonation.”

From there, you will be asked to provide more information about why you think this account should report and then submit your report.

Twitter also has specific guidelines for accounts pretending to be public figures or government officials.

According to these guidelines, reports attempting to deceive others by pretending they are public figures may be permanently suspended without warning.

However, parody accounts not affiliated with the portrayed person are often allowed as long as they abide by other Twitter rules, such as no hate speech or harassment.

What is a Parody Twitter Account?

A parody Twitter account is an account that creates comedic content by imitating the speech, mannerisms, and behaviors of a public figure or political leader.

Parody accounts are often used to comment on current events, poke fun at politicians, and express opinions humorously.

They can also draw attention to issues that go unnoticed or be overlooked. Let’s examine how parody Twitter accounts work and why they are so popular.

How to Do Parody Accounts Work

Parody accounts work by taking the words and actions of public figures or political leaders and exaggerating them for comedic effect.

These accounts often use satire to make their point, either magnifying what the public figure said or doing something outrageous in their name.

By making light of the situation, these accounts can draw attention to severe issues while providing an entertaining experience for the reader.

Why Are They Popular?

The popularity of parody Twitter accounts lies in their ability to engage people in conversation about important topics without being too preachy or alienating readers who might disagree with the message.

People enjoy reading these accounts because they provide a humorous perspective on events that may seem overwhelming or depressing.

This allows users to stay informed without feeling pressured or scolded for different opinions.

Many people find it easier to understand complex issues when presented with humor rather than dry statistics and facts alone.

Identifying Impersonation Accounts on Twitter

Impersonation accounts are easy to spot if you know what to look for. They will often have usernames similar to those of the actual individual (e.g.,

@RealDonaldTrump instead of @realDonaldTrump) and may even include some personal details about them (such as their name or location).

The profile picture may also differ from the politician’s actual profile picture or have been modified somehow (i.e., adding sunglasses).

These accounts often spread false information about a politician or their policies.

If the tweets seem out of character with the actual individual’s past statements, then it is likely an imposter account.

Reporting Impersonation Accounts on Twitter

Once you identify an impersonation account on Twitter, you should report it immediately using Twitter’s reporting tools. These tools can be found by going to the offending user’s profile page and clicking on them.

“Report user” or “Report tweet” near the bottom right-hand corner of their page/tweet, respectively.

This will open up a page that allows you to specify why you are reporting them (impersonation) and provide additional information if necessary.

Once submitted, Twitter will look into your report and take action accordingly (which could include removing the offending user from its platform). I ate the Account on Twitter.

The first step in adequately reporting an account is finding the specific arrangement you need to register.

Searching through keywords related to the politician or their political views can help you locate the account quickly and easily.

Once you have found the statement, click on their profile page and click “Report” in the lower right-hand corner of their profile picture.

Choose the Appropriate Reason to Report

Once you have clicked “Report,” Twitter will prompt you with a list of reasons you would like to report this account.

From there, select the most appropriate basis for writing this particular account—in this case, “Impersonation,” which will lead you to step three.

Fill out additional information about the Account to Report

After selecting “Impersonation” as your reason for reporting this particular account, Twitter will ask you to provide further details about why you are saying it.

This includes filling out details such as who is being impersonated and providing any relevant evidence that proves that they are indeed impersonating someone else’s identity.

Please complete all these fields accurately and thoroughly so that Twitter can swiftly take action against this particular user and prevent them from continuing their malicious activity.


Twitter takes reports of impersonation very seriously, which means it is essential for users to know how to properly report an account for impersonating a public figure such as a politician.

Following the steps outlined above, users can ensure that Twitter takes their reports seriously and that accounts engaging in malicious behavior are taken down swiftly and effectively.

Remember—if you see something suspicious online, don’t hesitate to get help! Reporting an imposter’s account could help protect someone’s identity from being misused or stolen.


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