Political Snapchat Ads are a new type of ad used increasingly in political campaigns. They can be used to uniquely reach young voters and be customized to fit the specific campaign. There are three types of Political Snapchat Ads: Geofilters, Lenses, and Filters. Each one has its unique benefits for reaching other groups of people.

In a world where over 78 percent of adults aged 18-29 are active on social media, it’s no wonder that politicians are turning to Political Snapchat Ads to reach potential voters. But what kind of Political Snapchat Ads work best for political campaigns?

And what should you keep in mind when creating them? We will explore the different types of Snapchat ads for political campaigns and give tips on creating your own. So whether you’re a politician or an interested citizen, read on for all you need to know about Political Snapchat Ads for politics!

What are Political Snapchat Ads?

Political Snapchat ads are a newer phenomenon in the world of political advertising. These ads are brief, often just a few seconds long, and appear between users’ Snapchat stories. They’re usually highly creative and eye-catching and can effectively reach young voters.

Ads that promote a political message on the app Snapchat are called political Snapchat ads.

What purpose do these Political Snapchat Ads serve?

Since tweens and young adults primarily use Snapchat, these ads target that demographic to gain support for a particular political candidate or cause.

Do Political Snapchat Ads work?

Studies show that political Snapchat ads can effectively persuade young people to vote or take action on an issue.

Snapchat has become one of the go-to social media platforms for people under 30? It means that political candidates and groups use the platform to reach voters. How do the ads look? And are they effective?

Political Snapchat Ads generally look like short videos or images with text overlay. They often feature GIFs or filters and sometimes even AR lenses. The content is funny or visually attractive, with a solid call to action.

Types of Snapchat Ads for Political Campaigns

Several types of Political Snapchat Ads can be seen. These include video ads, sponsored geofilters, and sponsored lenses. Video ads are short clips that can be up to 10 seconds long. Sponsored geofilters are filters that use existing photos and videos. Sponsored lenses are AR effects that bear on to pictures and videos.

  • Snapchat is a mobile app that allows users to send photo and video messages that disappear after a specific time?
  • The app has over 100 million daily active users, making it a popular choice for political campaigns wanting to reach a broad audience.
  • Snapchat offers a variety of ad types used by political campaigns, including sponsored lenses, filters, and geofilters.
  • Sponsored lenses allow users to interact with a campaign logo or message, while filters and geofilters target specific locations or events.

Video ads are a great way to convey your message to potential voters. They can be up to 10 seconds long and accompanied by text or voiceover.

Image ads are another effective way to reach voters. They can be static or animated and accompanied by text or voiceover.

Geofilters are a fun way to show support for your candidate. They can be customized with your candidate’s name, logo, and slogan and used at designated locations during events or rallies.

In recent years, Snapchat has become one of the most popular social media platforms. Unsurprisingly, political campaigns have started to capitalize on this popularity using Political Snapchat Ads.

There are different types of ads that political campaigns can use on Snapchat, and each has its advantages and disadvantages.

One type of Political Snapchat ad is a story ad, which allows a campaign to tell a story or share an update with voters engagingly and creatively.

Another type of Snapchat ad is a filter ad, which allows a campaign to add a custom filter to photos and videos that voters can use during the election.

In this digital age, advertising has gone mobile. It is more evident than Snapchat’s opening up its app to allow political campaigns to advertise. But what types of ads work best on the app?

A study conducted by Business of Apps shows that:

78% of users say that Snap Ads are engaging

76% of users say that Snap Ads are useful

67% of users say they have discovered new products and services through Snap Ads

60% of users say they have purchased something because of a Snap Ad

As we can see, Political Snapchat Ads can influence engagement and conversions. So, here are some ad types for any political campaign looking to use the platform.

Snap Ads for Political Campaigns

As the election season ramps up, so do the political ads. And this year, more and more of those ads are coming as Snapchat’s popular Snap Ads.

For politicians, Snapchat provides a unique opportunity to reach voters where they’re already spending a lot of time: on their phones. With around 150 million active users daily, Political Snapchat Ads have become an increasingly important platform for politicians and campaigns.

So far, we’ve seen Snap Ads from candidates like Hillary Clinton, Marco Rubio, and Bernie Sanders. With the presidential election approaching, we expect to see more political ads on Snapchat in the coming months.

Would you vote for a candidate if their ad appeared on your Snapchat feed?

A recent study suggests that political ads on social media increasingly influence young people.

In the past, campaigns would have to rely on TV and print ads to get their message out.

With the power of social media, candidates can target specific voters with laser precision.

For example, a campaign could target young voters in battleground states using Snap Ads.

In the age of social media, campaigns are getting more creative with reaching voters.

Organizing a political campaign can be a daunting task. But with Snap Ads, you can get your message out there quickly and easily. With our easy-to-use platform, you can create high-quality ads that grab your campaign’s attention and get people involved. So don’t wait; sign up today and reach out to potential voters!

Snapchat Story Ads for Political Campaigns

Advertising on Snapchat is becoming increasingly popular for political campaigns. Snapchat Story Ads allow campaigns to reach a massive audience with engaging content. These ads can effectively sway public opinion by using creative and exciting storytelling.

Busy scrolling through your stories on Snapchat, you come across an ad for a political campaign. Stop and take a closer look; the candidate’s messages are ones that you strongly believe. You watch the short ad all the way through, then research more about this candidate.

You’re surprised you hadn’t heard of this person before, but their powerful ideas align closely with yours.

You continue to follow their campaign leading up to the election and eventually cast your vote for them on election day.

With the rise of social media, political campaigns are increasingly turning to Snapchat Story Ads to reach voters.

These ads allow campaigns to target specific demographics and get their message out creatively and engagingly.

Snapchat Story Ads are becoming essential to political campaigns and are likely to impact elections significantly.

Ads are now appearing on Snapchat stories from political campaigns. These short video ads give users a glimpse into the drive and what the candidate is about. Interested users can watch the ad and then swipe up to learn more.

Snapchat Collection Ads for Political Campaigns

Snapchat introduced a new Collection Ad format specifically designed for political campaigns.

The new ads will allow campaigns to showcase multiple images, videos, and longer descriptions, making them more engaging and informative.

It is a significant development for political campaigns on Snapchat and will undoubtedly be a valuable tool in the upcoming election season.

Snapchat Collection Ads allow political campaigns to tell a story using a series of images or videos.

This type of ad is perfect for highlighting a candidate’s platform or showing key moments from a campaign event.

Collection Ads on Snapchat are a great way to engage potential voters and get them excited about the upcoming election.

Snapchat Collection Ads for Political Campaigns are an innovative way to reach potential voters.

With these ads, campaigns can collect photos and videos from users, creating a cohesive story that speaks to the campaign’s values.

It is a potent tool that allows campaigns to connect with voters personally, and we feel that it has the power to change the landscape of political advertising.

Snapchat has introduced a new feature for political campaigns: Collection Ads.

With this new feature, campaigns can showcase a collection of products or videos in a single ad.

It is an excellent way for campaigns to highlight their platforms and stone multiple messages in a single ad.

Snapchat Commercial Ads for Political Campaigns

Every day, people across the country open up Snapchat to catch up on what’s happening with their friends. But it is unknown that Snapchat also uses political campaigns to reach potential voters.

Commercial ads on Snapchat are relatively new, but they significantly impact campaigns. For example, in 2016, both the Clinton and Trump campaigns ran ads on Snapchat, and the report is Clinton’s team spent more than twice as much on Snapchat ads as Trump’s.

What makes Snapchat ads so effective for political campaigns? One reason is that they targeted highly. Campaigns can target ads to specific demographics, like young people or women.

In the past, political campaigns have used television commercials to reach voters. But with the rise of social media, campaigns are increasingly turning to platforms like Snapchat to reach young voters.

Snapchat offers a unique way to reach voters, particularly young people who are often not engaged in traditional political campaigns. By creating short, engaging ads that are easily shared, campaigns can reach a wider audience and convince more people to vote.

As the popularity of Snapchat continues to grow, so does its potential as a tool for political campaigns. More and more politicians are turning to Snapchat to reach voters, and commercial ads are starting to appear on the app.

It could be a significant game-changer in the world of campaigning. With its unique format and ability to reach a broad audience, Snapchat has the potential to revolutionize the way campaigns are run.

Commercial ads on Snapchat are still relatively new but already impacting politics. As more and more politicians use the app, we will see even more significant changes in an organized campaign.

Snapchat Filters for Political Campaigns

As the election season drives into high gear, one telling sign of the times is the increasing use of Snapchat filters by political campaigns.

According to a recent report, over 60% of congressional campaigns use Snapchat to reach potential voters. And it’s not just candidates; politicians at all levels are turning to Snapchat to get their message out.

One reason for this popularity is that Snapchat offers a level of engagement that other platforms can’t match. With its filters and AR features, users can interact with content in a fun and personal way.

For political campaigns, that kind of engagement is invaluable. As we head into what is sure to be a tumultuous election season, expect to see even more.

No longer just for kids and selfies, Snapchat filters are infiltrating the world of politics. From local races to presidential campaigns, candidates use the app’s augmented reality technology to engage with voters in new and innovative ways.

With filters that allow users to “try on” a candidate’s message or even physically transform into the politician themselves, there’s no doubt that Snapchat is changing the campaign landscape. So what’s next for this burgeoning political tool? Only time will tell.

Snapchat filters are a fun way to engage with friends and family. But did you know political campaigns also use it?

Nowadays, anyone running for office can create a unique filter for their campaign. By doing so, they can reach out to potential voters in a new and interactive way.

So watch for those political filters the next time you scroll through your Snapchat feed!

As election season ramps, Snapchat is rolling out new filters for political campaigns. The filters, available to anyone in the United States, will let users show their support for a candidate by donning virtual buttons, hats, and other Election-themed gear.

Even on social media, some political campaigns still haven’t caught up. They are missing out on a critical opportunity to connect with voters by not taking advantage of Snapchat filters.

Sure, Facebook and Twitter are traditional staples when it comes to campaigning. But Snapchat provides a unique opportunity to reach voters where they are: spending time with friends, at events, and just goofing around.

Plus, who doesn’t love an excellent augmented reality filter? They’re fun, encouraging people to share photos and videos with friends. That’s free promotion for your campaign!

So if you’re running for office, use Snapchat filters in your social media strategy. It could make all the difference come.

Snapchat Lens AR Experiences for Political Campaigns

Snapchat introduces a new way for political campaigns to reach voters: AR Lens experiences.

This new feature will allow campaign managers to create interactive, engaging experiences that voters can access right from their Snapchat app.

With the help of AR, campaigns will be able to bring their message to life in a new way and reach voters where they spend most of their time – on their phones.

Now, political campaigns can use Snapchat Lens AR experiences to reach and engage potential voters. With this tool, movements can create immersion experiences that bring their message directly to people’s homes.

The augmented reality campaign allows candidates to connect with voters. They bring their platforms to life interactively and engagingly. Political campaigns that utilize Snapchat Lens AR experiences will be able to better connect with potential voters, providing them with a more novel and personal way to receive information about the candidate.

As political campaigns increasingly turn to Snapchat to reach voters, they also turn to the platform’s innovative AR experiences.

AR experiences offer a unique way for campaigns to engage with voters and potential supporters.

For example, campaigns can create AR Lenses that simulates what it would be like to Vote for a specific candidate.

It allows users to see how their vote would make a difference in the race and make voting more engaging and entertaining.

The possibilities for AR experiences in political campaigning are endless, and we can expect to see more and more campaigns using this technology to reach voters.

In the past, political campaigns have used traditional media to reach voters. But with the advent of Snapchat, they can now use augmented reality to send messages directly to people’s phones.

By creating custom AR experiences, political campaigns can connect with voters in a new and interactive way. For example, a campaign could generate a Lens that lets users experience what it would be like to attend a rally or meet the candidate.

This immersive experience can help engage voters and excite them about the campaign.

What if political campaigns could use Snapchat Lenses to give voters a taste of what they’re doing? Imagine being able to see the future and experience a candidate’s policies firsthand.

With Snapchat Lenses, anything is possible. Political campaigns can let voters Experience their policies and ideas like never before. Whether slogan-based or interactive, Snapchat Lenses offers a new way to a movement that will engage voters of all ages.


Snapchat Ads for political campaigns can be highly effective when done correctly.

By understanding the different types of Snapchat Ads and their use, your campaign can reach a new level of success.

Contact us today to learn more about Political Snapchat Ads Consulting and how we can help you achieve your desired results.

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