Political technology is an essential driver of change in the world. From social media to cyber warfare, finding a facet of our lives that isn’t impacted by politics and digital technology is complex. As such, evaluating your technical and political strength can be tricky – but not impossible! This post will define how you can determine your political and technological power to adequately prepare for what’s coming next.

Political Technology Assessment that will help you evaluate your technical and political strength. It includes an assessment of your skills, how to improve them, and tips on getting ahead in the workplace. The article also offers excellent resources for learning about technology and politics!

What is a Political Technology Assessment

A political technology assessment is a diagnostic tool that helps countries make informed decisions about technology choices. It’s important because it allows governments to assess the impact of new technologies on social, economic, and environmental factors.

A political technology assessment (PTA) evaluates and assesses the use and impact of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in politics, governance, public administration, development cooperation, peacekeeping operations, or other relevant areas to policy-makers.

A Political Technology Assessment evaluates existing information technologies’ suitability, strengths, and weaknesses in public administration. It examines what works well and where improvements can be made to technology systems currently in place by government agencies.

A political technology assessment gathers information about the use, advantages, disadvantages, and potential interventions for integrating technology into an agency’s mission.

A political technology assessment examines information and communication technologies’ roles in a given society or culture.

The Process of Doing a Political Technology Assessment

This process must include five steps: identity, research, select, implement, and evaluate.

Knowing more about the political context is always suitable for understanding your host organization better. It will also let you decide whether security risks are involved with having an office in that location, based on the government.

One of the most beneficial things you can do as a political technology practitioner is run your own Political Technology Assessment.

Doing a political technology assessment (PTA) is quite simple: first, we assess the current situation and what needs to be changed; then, we analyze the change needs and find out how to address them.

How to Find Your Strengths and Weaknesses in the Election Cycle

A good strategy for this year is to build your strengths and help with your weaknesses. To start, you’ll want to look at what you’ve done in the past, so think about how to apply that experience now.

One of the essential parts of a campaign is evaluating your strengths and weaknesses. To find what you’re good at, you must first see what you aren’t great at.

What will be your strengths and weaknesses as a politician?

The strengths of a politician are their ability to compromise and negotiation skills. The weakness of a politician is the inability to be honest with voters.

A politician’s weakness is that they can quickly become corrupted. Their strength is that they are good with people.

A politician’s strengths are speaking in public, knowledge of current events, and communication skills. However, the biggest weakness is that they often surround themselves with people who tell them what they want to hear instead of giving honest advice.

One of the strengths of politicians is that they have a lot of experience.

How to Evaluate Your Political Technical Strengths

To improve your technical skills, there is a sure way to evaluate the strengths of what you have. This will let you better understand how far your political career has progressed and where it can go.

Evaluating your strengths and weaknesses as a politician can help you identify critical improvement areas.

First, ask friends and family what they think you’re good at to evaluate your political and technical strengths.

Political Technology Assessment Checklist

  • What is the political environment of the country?
  • Is there a large voting population?
  • Do you use an internet connection and social media?
  • Who are your potential partners in this venture, both domestic and international?
  • What is the goal of your political campaign?
  • Who are you trying to reach?
  • How will these people be reached?
  • What is the timeline for the campaign, including start and end dates?
  • How much money do you have available to spend on this project?
  • Who will be running the social media accounts for your campaign (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)?
  • What is the political setting?
  • Who are the players in the country’s politics?
  • What are their goals and strategies?
  • How do they use technology to achieve those goals and strategies?
  • What technologies does your country have access to but not necessarily use yet or not use often?
  • List the country being assessed
  • Identify any current political instability
  • Consider the level of internet censorship in the country
  • Determine whether or not a country has an active social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms
  • Assess if there is a robust military presence in the area
  • Research the current political situation
  • Find out what is happening with your country’s technology infrastructure
  • Identify the most pressing issues in your country’s technological landscape
  • Evaluate how these issues are being handled and propose a solution if they are not.


It’s not just about using your strengths to succeed. Political professionals and strategists must also assess their technical weaknesses to determine what skills or tools they need to be successful in the future.

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