Political campaigns always involve a plethora of marketing tactics. With the advancement of technology, digital marketing has become the go-to approach for political parties.

Among the various digital marketing strategies, one tactic that has emerged as a popular trend is “Missed Call.” Missed call campaigns have become a powerful tool in the armory of political parties.

Let’s explore the meaning of “Missed Call” in political marketing, how it works, and its impact on political campaigns.

A missed call campaign is a technique political parties use to collect voter data. It works by inviting people to make a missed call to a designated number.

Voters call the number and disconnect the call after one or two rings, which does not cost anything, and the call is not picked up.

In return, the caller receives an automated message, SMS, or a pre-recorded call that delivers political messaging, campaign promos, and contest alerts.

How Does Missed Call Campaign Help Political Parties

Missed call campaigns help political parties to collect accurate data from the electorate. It enables them to understand voters’ demography, interests in a particular political party, and contact information.

Such data empowers campaigns to understand the pulse of voters and allows them to address targeted audiences effectively.

Missed call campaigns can also help parties keep voters engaged through periodic reminders and updates before the elections.

How Can Miss Call Campaigns Engage Voters

Missed Call campaigns are an excellent way to engage voters and start conversations with them. They are easy to participate in and do not require any significant effort from the voters.

This makes it an ideal way to involve all sections of the electorate in the political process, even those who don’t have access to the internet or smartphones.

Besides that, missed call campaigns can create awareness about various political issues, invite voters to attend rallies or volunteer for the campaign, and even register people to vote.

How Effective Are Missed Call Campaigns in Political Marketing

So far, Missed Call campaigns have shown much promise in political marketing. In 2014, the BJP, India’s ruling party, ran a highly successful Missed Call campaign during the General Election.

The campaign had the party’s phone number printed on various billboards and advertisements nationwide, inviting voters to give a missed call to support the party and receive campaign updates.

The campaign received millions of missed calls, which helped the party connect with millions of voters and eventually win the elections.

This shows how effective Missed Call campaigns can be, especially in countries like India, where cellular data plans can be expensive.

Missed Call Campaign’s Impact on Voter Engagement and Turnout

With the help of missed call campaigns, political parties can keep voters engaged and build a lasting rapport with them.

Research suggests that such campaigns increase voter engagement and turnout. It’s because missed calls allow political parties to provide voters instant gratification, creating a positive attitude towards the party.

Moreover, missed call campaigns allow parties to target inactive voters, encourage them to engage with the party, and boost voter turnout actively.

The Legal Aspect of Missed Call Campaign

The Indian Telecom Authority (TRAI) permits every business and political party to use missed call marketing campaigns to promote their cause.

However, specific guidelines formulated by the regulator ensure that such campaigns do not infringe on individuals’ privacy.

The political party or the marketer must adhere to TARI Regulations and obtain explicit consent from voters.

Case Study: BJP’s Missed Call Campaign

The Missed Call campaign played a significant role in BJP’s successful election campaigns.

During the 2014 and 2019 general elections, the BJP adopted this simple yet effective technique to collect voter data.

The party asked voters to give a missed call to a designated number and subsequently provided SMS alerts and information on party initiatives.

With the help of missed call campaigns, BJP collected data from 35 million people, which helped the party understand the target audience, build campaign strategies and increase voter turnout.

The Power of Missed Calls in Political Marketing

Have you ever received a missed call from a political campaign or party during election season? You may have wondered what the purpose of these missed calls is.

A missed call is a marketing strategy used for years in developing countries to reach audiences with limited internet and smartphone access.

However, missed calls have also become political marketing in recent years. We will explore the power of missed calls in political marketing and how they can be used to gain the attention of potential voters.

What are the Benefits and Limitations of Missed Call Campaigns?


Missed calls are a cost-effective way of reaching out to voters as they do not require additional funding from the campaign.

Political campaigns can set up a toll-free number or a number that charges the caller a local rate, and the callers can give a missed call to show their support for the party or candidate.

The campaigns can then use these missed calls to measure the popularity and sentiment of the voters.

Widely Accessible:

Missed calls can reach out to potential voters who do not have access to smartphones or social media, which means that political campaigns can use this strategy to reach out to a broader audience.

This is particularly useful in developing countries where the majority of the population may need access to smartphones or internet connectivity.


Missed calls are convenient for people who lead busy lives. Rather than taking the time to make a call or send a text message to voice their support for a political party/candidate, they can give a missed call and move on with their day. This makes it a hassle-free process that requires minimal effort from the caller.

Measuring Voter Sentiment:

Missed calls are a great way to measure the sentiment of voters. Political campaigns can use missed calls to track the location of the caller, their gender, and age, as well as the time of the call.

By analyzing these data points, campaigns can gain valuable insights regarding a candidate’s popularity amongst different demographics and geographic locations.

Building a Sense of Community:

Political campaigns can use missed calls to build a sense of community amongst their supporters.

Campaigns can use SMS or voice messages to update their supporters, thank them for their support, or encourage them to participate in campaign activities.

This creates a sense of belonging amongst voters and can help them maintain their allegiance to the party/candidate.


Political marketing has evolved significantly over the years, and with the introduction of digital marketing campaigns like missed calls, it has become easier to reach voters.

Missed call campaigns have become an integral part of political marketing campaigns, and political parties leverage them to collect data, increase voter engagement, and improve turnout.

However, political parties must follow the regulations formulated by TRAI and ensure that they do not infringe on personal privacy laws.

Missed call campaigns may seem like a small initiative, but their impact on the electorates is significant and must be noticed in modern-day political campaigns.


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