Social media is a powerful tool that political campaigns can use to expand their reach and connect with more voters.

However, with millions of other campaigns on social media platforms, it can take a lot of work to stand out from the crowd. One way to increase visibility and engagement is by holding Instagram contests throughout your campaign.

Instagram contests are exciting and effective because they can quickly go viral, attract many participants, and create a sense of community around your campaign.

We’ll explore some creative Instagram contest ideas that can grow your political campaign’s brand awareness.

How Can Instagram Contests Help Grow Your Political Campaign?

As the world becomes increasingly digital, social media platforms like Instagram are becoming incredibly important in shaping how people think, interact, and vote.

If you’re running for political office, gaining awareness on Instagram has become a must. Instagram can be a powerful tool for raising awareness, garnering support, and growing your political campaign.

It does take time and effort. One effective way to gain visibility and boost engagement on Instagram is through contests.

Instagram contests can help grow your political campaign brand awareness and establish it as a go-to source of relevant information.

We’ll explore five practical contest ideas that can help your political campaign gain traction on Instagram.

How to Effectively Use Instagram Contests to Boost Political Campaign Brand Awareness?

Instagram is one of the most active social media platforms, with millions of users worldwide.

It has become an effective tool for political campaigns to reach a younger and more tech-savvy audience. Running an Instagram contest has proven a great way to increase engagement, attract followers, and build brand awareness.

We’ll discuss practical Instagram contest ideas to help your political campaign reach its target audience and inspire participation.

Creatively share your message.

Instagram users are always up for some creativity. Try holding a photo or video contest around a central campaign message or tagline.

Encourage voters to capture photos and videos expressing their support for your campaign using the relevant hashtag. With a catchy or funny tagline or message, people will get more excited about participating.

Host a Q&A session

Your supporters follow you on Instagram, expecting you to have answers to their questions.

Host a Q&A contest where you ask campaign-related questions and provide multiple-choice answer options—reward participants who provide accurate answers through a draw.

Through Q&A sessions, you can test the knowledge of your followers and keep them up to date on the latest news and public opinion polls. This can also help you debunk myths about your campaign or platform.

Capitalize on trends

Instagram trends come and go quickly, but when the craze is still hot, engaging with it can make your content and message reach far beyond your audience.

Create content based on trending hashtags and challenges in which people currently participate to increase your reach. This idea can make your message trendy and make it feel more approachable.

This tactic helps to increase your connection with your supporters and make you more significant among the target audience.

Show off your merchandise.

If your campaign has merchandise like T-shirts, hats, or stickers, an Instagram contest can be a great way to show them off and get voters involved.

Try incorporating your campaign merchandise into Instagram photos or videos supporters can create.

Those submitting the most creative and visually appealing images or videos featuring your merchandise can win prizes.

Encourage participants to use candid shots and creative angles of the merchandise to highlight their quality and appeal.

Design a Candid Campaign-RoadTrip

Many people may not be interested in visiting your office, but a spontaneous, 10-minute-long road for your campaign allows them to participate and support you.

A “Candid Campaign-RoadTrip” contest can inspire people to visit highly populated areas on your route while displaying their support via social media posts.

Devotees who post pictures and videos on Instagram while driving along with you, participating in local events, and producing captions about your campaign in the event context can win prizes or mentions on your official Instagram page.

5 Instagram Contest Ideas to Grow Political Campaign Brand Awareness?

Social media has become essential for political campaigns to build community and connect with voters. As election day approaches, campaigns must find innovative ways to engage with their audience and increase brand awareness.

Hosting an Instagram contest can be an effective strategy for growing political campaign brand awareness.

Here are the top 5 Instagram contest ideas to help your political campaign stand out on social media.

Photo Contest:

Invite supporters to post a photo that showcases their support for your political campaign. It could be a selfie with a campaign sign, a picture of them volunteering, or anything demonstrating their enthusiasm for your message.

The winner could receive a personalized video message from the candidate or a merchandise package.

This contest provides an excellent opportunity to create user-generated content that you can share on your campaign’s social media channels.

Caption Contest:

Post a photo on your campaign’s Instagram account and invite your followers to submit a caption.

The funniest or most creative caption wins a prize. You can also offer bonus points for entries that include your campaign’s hashtag or tag your account in the caption.

This contest encourages interaction with your followers, and reposting entries that creatively include your campaign’s message can amplify your message on social media.

Video Contest:

Ask supporters to upload a video explaining why they support your campaign. The winner could receive a private meeting with the candidate or a campaign merchandise package.

This contest offers an opportunity to create authentic user-generated content that humanizes your campaign and inspires viewers to take action.

Quiz Contest:

Create a quiz about your campaign’s platform, aim, and policies. The examination could cover current events or historical facts.

The winner could receive a policy briefing with the candidate or a merchandise package. This contest could encourage participants to learn more about your campaign’s commitment to the issues that matter to them and the community.

Meme Contest:

Meme is a fun way to communicate your message with humor. Ask supporters to create memes related to your campaign and share them on Instagram using your hashtag.

The top 3 entries with the most likes and shares win a merchandise package. This contest offers an opportunity to showcase your campaign’s personality, build camaraderie among supporters, and encourage social engagement.


Instagram contests are the easiest way to create buzz around your political campaign, grow your brand awareness, and deepen relationships with your supporters.

Following these Instagram contest ideas can create an opportunity for your potential and existing supporters and increase engagement.

Remember to use the right hashtags to help your contest get discovered and to keep your campaign visible throughout the contest’s timeline.

More importantly, ensure that the prizes or rewards you’re offering align with your campaign’s mission and that all participants know the platform’s terms and conditions. Start planning today, and good luck growing your political brand on Instagram!


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