As a political campaign, you must engage potential voters and build your following on social media platforms like Instagram—the best way to go is through giveaways and contests.

Keep reading to learn some creative ideas for Instagram giveaways and contests for political campaigns!

What are Instagram Giveaways and Contests for Political Campaigns?

Social media is an essential aspect of any political campaign. It’s a great way to connect with potential voters, build a community, and increase your reach.

The best way to engage your audience is through creative giveaways and contests on Instagram. Here are some ideas for using giveaways and competitions to boost your political campaign on Instagram.

Instagram giveaways and contests are a great way to engage with potential voters and spread awareness of your political campaign.

As the 2020 election approaches, it’s essential to stand out from the competition and capture the attention of as many people as possible.

Here are some creative ideas for using Instagram giveaways and contests to promote your political campaign.

Contest Ideas

One great way to engage your followers is through simple contests and encourage them to share content featuring your brand or message in exchange for prizes or recognition.

For example, you could ask followers to post a photo of themselves at the polls with a caption about why they voted for you, then select the most creative entry as the winner.

You could also ask followers to create their meme featuring your brand or message—again, selecting one winner from all the entries.

Giveaway Ideas

Giveaways are another great way to reward your followers and generate more interest in your political campaign.

For example, you could have a “Share & Win” contest where followers have to share one of your posts to be entered into a drawing for a prize.

You could also do giveaways where people have to tag friends in one of your posts or comment on one of your videos to be entered into the giveaway pool.

Another idea would be an “instant-scavenger hunt” where followers must find hidden clues within several images or videos to get a special prize.

Photo Contest

For this contest, ask followers to submit photos showing why they support your political campaign.

You can feature the best photos on your profile and reward the winners with a prize or gift card. This is the best way to connect with the community and get people excited about your campaign.

This is an ideal way to build hype around your campaign. Ask your followers to post photos of themselves wearing a t-shirt, hat, or another piece of merchandise related to your campaign, along with a slogan that expresses why they support you. The best photo wins!

This contest can create a positive buzz around your campaign while providing free advertising.

Q&A Contest

This contest encourages engagement by allowing followers to ask questions about your platform or policies.

Pick two questions each week, then award prizes such as t-shirts or tickets to events related to your campaign for the most creative answers.

This is the best way to get people talking about your candidacy engagingly.

Trivia Challenge

Post trivia questions related to your campaign on Instagram Stories and offer a small prize or reward for answering correctly.

This can be fun for followers and encourages them to learn more about the topics you are discussing in your campaign.

Test followers’ political knowledge by asking multiple-choice questions about their local government or national issues.

Award prizes such as discounts on merchandise or tickets for upcoming events for those who answer correctly in the shortest time possible.

This type of contest will help people learn more about critical issues in a fun way while also driving traffic toward your profile page.

Engage Your Supporters with Instagram giveaways and contests

Share Your Story Contest

Ask followers to share their stories about why they’re supporting your political campaign with a brief video or photo post.

Not only will this give potential voters an insight into what others think of your policies, but it also encourages people to become more involved in the conversation around politics.

Video Challenge

Create a challenge where followers have to make videos demonstrating their support for your campaign in creative ways, such as lip-syncing or dancing along with music associated with it or illustrating their favorite aspects of it in cartoon form.

The best videos can be featured on your profile page and rewarded with prizes like discounts or free merchandise from local businesses related to your cause.

Engaging Content Giveaway

Post an engaging video or post about your campaign and ask people to share it with their friends.

At the end of the giveaway, randomly select one person who shared it, and give them a prize.

This can be anything from a gift card, a t-shirt with your logo, or even a small donation in their name.

This type of giveaway encourages engagement while also giving back to your supporters.

Voter Registration Contest

Ask people to register to vote with a link to your website or registration page.

At the end of the contest period, pick one lucky winner who wrote to receive a prize from you!

This will encourage more people to register to vote and increase engagement on your posts as more people participate in the contest.

Caption Contest

Ask people for captions for photos related to your campaign,
and pick one winner at the end of the contest period.

This type of contest is fun for participants because they get creative with captions while simultaneously engaging with your content!

It’s also easy for you since you must pick one winning caption at the end of the contest.


Instagram giveaways and contests are an excellent way for political campaigns to engage potential voters and build their following on social media platforms like Instagram.

With these creative ideas for Instagram giveaways and contests, you can easily engage likely voters while giving back prizes that can help support your campaign’s goals!

So don’t wait any longer – start planning some fantastic giveaways and contests today! ​​​​​

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