In the past decade, we have seen a significant shift in how politicians use PR and marketing to get their messages out. In 2024, we can say that these trends will continue as more people turn away from traditional media sources and seek information on social networks. With this being said, I predict that by 2024, politicians will cast themselves as entrepreneurs running small businesses – Voters will be much less likely to trust political ads because of increased transparency within the digital space and increasing influencer marketing strategies for a politician.

It discusses how we can expect more influencers to enter the scene and change the traditional media landscape. The blog post also warns about potential challenges in 2020, such as fake news and misinformation campaigns, that all public relations professionals should take seriously.

Political PR Marketing Trends for 2024

  • The internet has become a significant battleground for political parties
  • Social media will continue to be used as an effective communication tool by politicians
  • Politicians will spend more time on Twitter
  • Younger voters are becoming more important in elections, with Gen Z being the most politically engaged generation yet.
  • Political parties are looking to hire more marketing professionals and creative directors.
  • More political campaigns will use targeted advertising on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Political PR agencies are increasingly collaborating with digital PR firms
  • Political PR Marketing will be more digital and social
  • The 2020 Presidential Election will have a record number of candidates, with an increase in third-party candidates
  • Political PR Marketing is becoming less partisan as the lines between Republicans and Democrats blur
  • Campaigns are focusing on reaching out to minority groups such as Muslims, African Americans, Hispanics, and LGBTQ+ communities
  • A shift away from traditional media outlets as new technologies replace them
  • The increased use of social media to spread political messages
  • The increased blurring between what is real and fake news
  • There are many platforms available for staying in tune with what’s going on in politics- from social media to podcasts and more
  • Keep a close eye on the polls and make sure your candidate is doing well before the voting day comes
  • It’s important to vote! If you don’t, your voice won’t be heard
  • Political PR firms will need to develop new strategies for reaching voters who are only consuming news on social media
  • More politicians will use social media as their primary platform for communicating with constituents and getting out their message
  • The rise of influencers
  • The need for transparency and authenticity
  • Increased regulation of social media advertising
  • Continued scrutiny on what is considered “fake news.”
  • Companies need to invest in a PR team that is skilled and knowledgeable about their brand’s core message, values, and goals.
  • Content marketing will become increasingly competitive as brands realize how much they rely on it for success.
  • Social media influencers are still an effective way to reach millennials
  • In response to the growing wealth inequality, many politicians have pledged not to accept donations from corporations or PACs.
  • More people will start voting for third parties in 2020- so more money will be spent on PR campaigns.
  • There will be an increased focus on the environment and climate change
  • Candidates will be using social media to get their messages out there
  • The most successful campaigns in 2024 will have a clear vision of what they want to do with the country
  • Social media platforms are increasingly censoring content that they deem inappropriate or offensive- this has led to an increase in alternative social media platforms like Minds and Gab
  • More people are going to vote online, and there will be more voter fraud
  • Candidates will have to spend more money on social media because of the increase in popularity of Facebook Live and other streaming services
  • There is going to be an increased focus on environmental issues
  • Social media is the best way to reach millennials and Gen Z voters
  • There is no such thing as ‘too much when it comes to fundraising- even if you’re not in office yet
  • Social media will play a huge role in getting your message out there and reaching voters everywhere
  • People are more likely to believe what they read on social media than anything else- so make sure your posts are accurate and timely
  • More public relations companies will be merging with marketing firms
  • Political PR agencies will need to hire more people who are skilled in social media, data analytics, and digital advertising
  • Campaigns will spend less money on TV ads and more on targeted Facebook ads that target individual voters
  • The 2020 elections will be the most expensive in history
  • Political PR firms will continue to grow
  • Campaigns will use social media and influencers more than ever before
  • Public relations firms will have to work harder than ever before to stay relevant
  • The internet has changed how people consume information, making it difficult for PR firms to maintain their influence over public opinion
  • Social media platforms are no longer just a place for celebrities and influencers- politicians now use them.
  • Millennials are becoming more politically active than ever before, and they’re pushing for change.
  • Political scandals have become commonplace- most Americans no longer trust their politicians.


We researched and developed predictions about what the 2024 landscape may hold for marketers working in this area.

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