Every day, the Political Campaign Call Center is flooded with phone calls from Americans who want to voice their opinion on important matters. To better assist these callers, we have compiled a list of guidelines and tips for effective political campaign phone calls.

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The Political Call Center is a nonpartisan organization that provides opportunities for students and recent graduates to learn how campaigns work while making a difference in their community. This post will define everything you need to know before applying!

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What is a Political Campaign Call Center?

A political campaign call center is a place that makes thousands of phone calls per day to voters and potential voters.

A political campaign call center is where volunteers make calls to discuss the presidential election with voters. These calls aim to poll and gather data about different issues to help determine which candidate has better views on specific subjects.

Political campaign call centers are groups of people that help organize and run political campaigns. They’re staffed with volunteers who make calls to voters on behalf of their chosen candidate and conduct voter outreach and get-out-the-vote efforts.

A political campaign call center is a group of people who do political phone banking for a candidate or cause.

Political campaign call centers are offices where volunteers call voters about the candidates and issues. Volunteers use their cell phones or landlines.

How to implement a Political Campaign Call Center

Political Campaign Call Centers are a way to promote the views of political candidates by reaching out to potential supporters.

Ensure you are following applicable laws, and then establish a call center.

Get a group of friends together and have each person take a shift. Call everyone in the district or state you are campaigning for during your transition.

Implementing a Political Campaign Call Center is essential for any successful political campaign.

The initial decision is to have a manual or automated call center system. I think it would be better yet if you had an automated one. You’ll not consume much time on the phone and more time calling voters.

The Political Campaign Call Center is the heart of every political campaign.

Identify the audience. This will help you target your campaign and formulate your message to appeal to them.

Every candidate needs a team of volunteers to get people registered to vote and connected with pertinent campaign information.

Call centers are best for handling political canvassing and voter registration tasks.

One call center could serve as a centralized HQ for coordinating all phases of the political campaign on behalf of one candidate or issue organization, such as phone banking, making calls from home scripts about essential issues in your area, and identifying neighbors who need help bypassing gun violence.

The call center model also provides quick turnaround time, which is essential when dealing with election cycles every two years in districts where hundreds or even thousands of voters are being targeted daily.

  • Set up a dedicated space.
  • Hire people capable of handling those who call while keeping the caller’s identity confidential.
  • A script or wing-time is needed, and it should be practiced with internal server call-backs to ensure the call center does not come off as too new or unusual sounding when connecting an external caller to staff at their local office for a return phone campaign. It can also be used for voter information requests like polling place updates.
  • Develop effective scripts for educating voters on how to engage further. Include scripts that respond to potential scenarios where they might have difficulty voting.

A campaign Call Center is a well-funded, led organization responsible for handling all phone calls and correspondence related to the campaign.

This includes everything from constituency inquiries to polling metrics. For the Call Center to be operational 24/7, it must employ at least two staff and have a rotating schedule with shifts staffed at 12 hr intervals.

Shifts may last 4 or 8 hours if more staff members are necessary.

There should also be 1 HR rep per shift in charge of interviewing prospective new hires and maintaining proper HR protocol throughout the roster changes as they come up, among other tasks.

Managers will need at least 8 hrs of sleep per night to have enough time for mental refreshment.

  • Choose a suitable call center geographically close to your campaign office and the people you are targeting.
  • Find skilled recruiters (recruit, screen, train) with experience in telephone sales or telemarketing for lead generation purposes.
  • Get voice equipment for representatives.
  • Set up an inbound system with various campaigns where your team can hand off different leads to get sales results from customers who may not be ready to speak yet as a result of screening and questions like “How much money are you willing to invest?”
  • Hold conference calls regularly for the campaign’s managers so they can receive tips on how prospected voters feel about their particular issue or candidate.

Significant Challenges Faced by the Political Call Center

  • The call center handles a large number of calls, often at the same time
  • Rings are usually answered by inexperienced phone operators who have not been trained to handle political questions
  • Callers will sometimes hang up as soon as they hear an unfamiliar voice on the line or if they don’t recognize the name of their party’s representative
  • There is no way someone has hung up from one of your representatives until you pick up another call
  • The political call center is a significant challenge for campaigns and election officials
  • It isn’t easy to make sure the calls are being made by volunteers, not bots or foreign actors
  • There are privacy concerns about who has access to voter data
  • There are security risks involved with storing large amounts of information in one central location
  • The call center is not always able to meet the needs of the customers
  • Customers have a hard time understanding what they are being told and often get frustrated
  • Many different types of calls need to be handled, which can cause problems when it comes to taking them all effectively
  • It can be difficult for some employees who handle customer service calls.
  • The call center is not visible to the public, making it difficult to know where their representatives stand on issues.
  • Constituents often do not have time to talk and hang up before they get transferred.
  • Increasingly sophisticated telemarketing scams that are difficult to identify
  • Calls coming from numbers with spoofed caller IDs
  • Difficulty in knowing whether a call is an automated robocall or a human being on the other end of the line
  • The high turnover rate for call center employees
    Tips for Conducting Successful Political Calling Campaigns
  • Get a list of registered voters in your target area
  • Find out who the voter is likely to vote for and what they care about
  • Make sure you have an answer to every question that the voter may raise
  • Be prepared for confrontation, but don’t let it deter you from continuing with your campaign
  • Find a script that works for you
  • Create an email list of supporters and potential donors
  • Get volunteers to help call people on the phone or knock on doors
  • Develop a plan for what will happen after the campaign ends
  • Would you mind making a list of the issues you want to discuss with them and what they think about those issues
  • Find out who their favorite politician is, if any, and how they feel about the politician’s policies
  • Ask them what point matters most to them in this election cycle
  • Connect with voters on social media
  • Find out who you’re calling
  • Prepare a persuasive and relevant script for the person you are calling.
  • Make sure your tone of voice is upbeat and friendly but assertive
  • Be polite when someone hangs up on you or tells you they are not interested in voting for your candidate
  • Use scripts from other successful political callers as inspiration
  • Find your target audience- it’s essential to know who you’re trying to reach
  • Use a script and have someone with good public speaking skills call on the phone or talk in person at campaign events
  • Keep track of your progress- make sure you get feedback from people who are calling so that you can improve for future campaigns

Technology Tools Required to implement Political Call Center

  • The computer, phone, and internet
  • A call centers management system like Zoho or Salesforce
  • Customer relationship management software for data capturing and customer profiling
  • Voice over internet protocol (VOIP) services to provide the telephony service
  • Phone line and phone
  • Spreadsheet software, such as Excel or Google Sheets
  • Data on voters’ contact information
  • Screen Sharing Software or Webcam for remote assistance
  • Video chat software (Skype, Zoom)
  • Live call center software (Zoho CRM)
  • Call center software, such as Salesforce or Dialpad
  • Data storage system to store customer information


If you’re excited to learn more about this campaign, contact our team for consulting. We can help you develop a strategy to effectively reach your constituents and build the support necessary for political success. Do you need someone on-site to manage your call center? Contact us today!

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